Re: I need soldering help for loopstick/pl-380 mod

Ryan Martin

I figured out what I was doing wrong when soldering the litz. My 50W solder iron is garbage. I used an older 30 watt iron and had no problem getting the ends tinned. I'm now very happy with the performance of this radio. I'll post a picture of it.

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Thank you John for offering to tin the ends for me! Litz is in the mail.

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This is the link for the litz wire I bought>
...not sure if it's the "new" type.

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What kind of litz wire did you use? Easily soldered new type or the old
vintage wire? If the old vintage litz, it is very difficult to solder.

If you can't get anyone close to you to respond, I would be willing to tin
the litz wire for you using my solder pot.



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First, I'd like to thank Gary for the loopstick mod plans and tubing! I
managed to build one yesterday and am impressed with the results. However,
my soldering looks like crap. I have a 50 watt soldering iron and still
wasn't able to heat the wire enough to tin the ends. I ended up melting the
solder and just cold soldering it to the board. I want to build another one
but have someone do a better job soldering the two connections for me. For
some reason, the ugly cold solder connections bug me. I'll probably give the
first build to my dad.
So my question there anyone here that is trustworthy, good at
soldering and willing to make the two solder connections for a reasonable
fee? Of course, I'll prepay the return shipping. I'm going to wait until
after the holidays for the second build.
Thanks, Ryan

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