Croatia-1134 Received on E100 Slider in Victoria, BC!

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     Congratulations to Colin Newell, who tonight became the first west coast DXer to receive Croatia-1134 audio on an Ultralight radio, and only the second to receive any TA on an ULR.  It's almost enough to chase away any belief in the Winter Doldrums! 
     Colin's E100 Slider has been through a phenomenal DXpedition in Kona, Hawaii, and even after a few minor bumps, has still managed to perform like the ultimate tiny overachiever, thrilling us with TA audio reception in Victoria.  Wow!
     Rumor has it that John Bryant and Rob Ross have a First TA award available for anyone receiving a TA on an Ultralight radio-- which in this case would be a FANTASTIC accomplishment.  Great work!
     73,  Gary DeBock

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