Re: Desktop antenna !!!!

Stan Horzepa

Caught KCJJ at 9:35 EST. Thanks for the heads-up, Paul.


Stan, WA1LOU 

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Thats a very nice catch Stan. Theres also KCJJ thats on 1630, the latter is semi-regular here now that the fall season is here. After 10PM EST is a good time for them.

Paul S. in CT

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Hi Brian,

I think you will be very happy with the Terk Advantage antenna whatever the price! Tonight I snagged a new one: KBGG on 1700 kHz in Iowa, 1100 miles away using the Terk.


Stan, WA1LOU

On 11/7/13, 2:24 PM, brian nsl wrote:

        Thank you for the comments on the Terk loop antenna.
A nice looking piece of kit and at $41 appeared a reasonable cost.
However checking the item through Amazon I found that the same ethos applies
as we have laboured under in the UK for years with radio equipment
i.e. $1 = £1 regardless of exchange rates so the $41 becomes £41 hi!
                                                          72, Brian, GØNSL.
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