2009 Ultralight Radio AM-DX Shootout

Gary DeBock

Hello Guys,
     It's time for another ultra-lightweight championship fight, with the latest innovative wonders from the Far East competing for ultimate pocket radio DXing glory.
     Already qualifying for the competition are the Tecsun PL-450 (a 600-memory wonder with a striking resemblance to the discontinued Eton E100, also made by Tecsun) and the C.Crane SWP model, which is much improved from a substandard unit received a year ago.
     Under serious consideration are the Degen DE1123, an AM-FM-SW DSP MP3 player/recorder, the Grundig Mini 300, and the Sangean SR-3.  For these last three units, the primary mission is to investigate the AM-DXing potential of these radios in comparison to the top models of previous Shootouts (E100, DT-400W, and SRF-T615)-- so if any of you have been disappointed in the DXing performance of any of the above models, your opinion would be greatly appreciated.  If many such negative reports are received concerning any one model, it may be dropped from the Shootout.  Conversely, if you have had excellent DX performance from a currently-available, qualifying Ultralight radio that has never been reviewed in a formal Ultralight Radio Shootout, your opinion would also be very welcome.  Prior to the Shootout, AM RF alignment is planned for all contestants, to ensure that factory alignment issues do not unfairly condemn a model.
     Thanks again to all who have suggested the above models for consideration, and especially for the great excuse to purchase many new radios (twice a year :>)
     73,  Gary DeBock 

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