Re: UltraLight MediumWave DataBase

Paul S. in CT

It looks OK, using the presentation style, but I would suggest a more portable method that any listener could download as a reference. Sometimes a pdf or Office spreadsheet style is more convenient and printable. If you wish, take a peek at the ULRX file in Folder #8 here. There's a lot of stuff one can record, and in several ways. But basically, a simple listinng of the stations occurs in the first 14 pages (620+ entries). Once you make a basic listing sort, copy, and paste is your friend for other ways of grouping the logs.

I'm not suggesting a different method, but recommending a portable version in addition to the present method.

Cheers and GL

Paul S. in CT

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Hi all,

Following on from a couple of my posts looking for ways in which people store the information on the stations they have heard active I set about creating my own database. After trying a few different products I decided on using Microsoft Access 2007, below is some information on it.

This page ( is for my UltraLight MediumWave DataBase (ULMWDB) which I have designed using Microsoft Access 2007. If you do not own Access 2007 you can download the Access 2007 runtime environment which will allow you to use this database.

As I am still in the early stages of designing this any and all feedback and suggestions are welcome. Please see a screen capture below of the main data entry screen.


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