Re: E100 may be On The Way OUT!

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Fry's isn't selling any E10's on their web site. I really didn't need
another radio but last November when they were selling them for $29.99
on their web site I couldn't resist. After that they raised the price
to $39.90, still a great deal. It was a refurb but not advertised as
such. That really didn't bother me; mine has a few very minor scratches.

I didn't think I'd ever buy a single conversion radio but the very
clever IF shift really works. I have a local on 1490 (one mile away)
and it moves the image from 580 (listenable station there) to 590 (no
signal there). Images of really strong SW stations are very weak;
definitely unexpected in a single conversion radio. SW reception is
excellent off the whip and it handles an indoor wire with no problems.
The wide filter is too wide but it makes for great fidelity on strong

A couple of oddities. What's with the antenna trim? Why is it needed?
Also the 1100mah AA NiMh (no, that's not a misprint) batteries. They
were .70 VDC upon arrival and the radio wouldn't charge them. There
are quite a few postings on Eton/Grundig Yahoo Groups from people who
had the same experience. I charged them outside the radio the first
time around and they've been fine ever since.

This might seem like an unfair comparison but I put it up against my
Kaito KA1103. The Kaito is a little more sensitive but the E10 is
pretty damn close.

I don't think the E10 is worth full price, which is $130.00. For
another $20.00 the Eton E5/Grundig G5 are supposedly as good as the
KA1103 (almost identical circuitry and both are built by Degen/Kaito)
and have SSB reception (the E10 doesn't).

The E10 has exceeded my expectations. The build quality is excellent.
I think it will replace the KA1103 as my travel radio.


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Don't forget the similar, but larger E10 model, which is a hot performer
also. It's size perhaps takes it out of UL status, yet it has a lot
of good
things going for it. The radio has TWO bandwidths, including a very
effective narrow filter (actually there are two narrow filters to choose
from in addition to is 455 kHz IF, so it's a candidate for a
mods). Factory refurbs of the E10 are selling for $29.99 at Fry's
stores (I
don't know if they are available on the Fry's Web site for that price).

73, Guy

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