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Gary DeBock

Congratulations on your first international station logging from 1386-Radio Tarana, on your new Tecsun PL-606 + AN-200 loop combo. That must have been quite a thrill!
If you ever have the chance to visit an ocean beach on the north or eastern coasts of Tasmania (and can take your new Ultralight radio and loop along), you would probably be rewarded with quite a lot of international DX around local sunset. DXers in Australia, New Zealand and the eastern coast of North America are lucky enough to be able to chase transoceanic DX at a very convenient listening hour, rather having to sacrifice sleep to get up well before sunrise :-)
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Last night was my first time using my new Tecsun PL-606 ultra light radio and AN-200 loop antenna, the results of this combination were simply amazing. I was expecting some good results but nothing like what I found once I started tuning the band with it.

After getting to grip with how the PL-606 works and checking some local frequencies I started searching the band. The low end of the band was sounding fairly normal and all the frequencies I normally hear were coming in loud and clear, it was not until I hit around 945kHz that I started to log some new stations, this continued until the top of the band. In the end I logged 12 new Australian stations, not a bad effort for an hour.

Once I reached the top of the band I started working my way back down when on 1386kHz I could hear a weak signal, this frequency is not used in Australian at all and it was not bleed over from any other frequency, the programming also didn't sound like anything I had ever heard. I checked my NZ medium wave frequency list and found a station name for this frequency. At this point I moved in to a different room and I was able to get clear enough audio to be able to understand what was being said. A quick check of their webpage with an online stream and I can confirm my first international DX catch on medium wave :)

Overall it was a very enjoyable couple of hours and my first international DX catch was icing on the cake. My Tecsun PL-606 and loop aerial really worked well and I can see myself logging many more stations with them.

New Stations:
837 - 7XS - Queenstown - TAS - Commercial - 500
945 - 4HI - Dysart - QLD - Commercial - 1000
972 - 5PB - Adelaide - SA - National - 2000
999 - 2NB - Broken Hill - NSW - National - 2000
999 - 2ST - Nowra - NSW - Commercial - 5000
1098 - 4LG - Longreach - QLD - Commercial - 2000
1134 - 2AD - Armidale - NSW - Commercial - 2000
1161 - 5PA - Naracoorte - SA - National - 10000
1206 - 2GF - Grafton - NSW - Commercial - 5000
1359 - Mildura/Sunraysia - VIC - HPON - 200
1386 - Radio Tarana (Indian) - AUCKLAND - I-NZ - Commercial - 1200
1476 - Penrith - NSW - HPON - 180
1584 - 2EC - Narooma - NSW - Commercial - 200

Full Loggings:

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