Re: Degen DE312 (not DSP) Not Recommended

CM Lee

Okay. I've heard reputation of the PL-380 in its excellent performance, but I don't want a PLL-tuned radio, sinch such kind of radio consumes much more than analogue one. I think a decent analogue set other than a PLL set will be more helpful in an emergency situation in terms of battery consumption. That's why PLL radios like Sony ICF-SW7600GR, Tecsun PL-660, PL-380, PL-210 etc are not included in my list of purchase consideration.

Andy Lee

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I have a PL-380 and find it better than most on FM, AM and SW.
Others will be able to suggest other radios with similar performance.
The new (not yet available) PL-880 looks as though it might be
top of the range and might be worth waiting for.


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So, I am planning to buy a cheap but decent SW radio.
The candidates are Tecsun R911/R9012 and Tecsun DR920.

Can these radios be decent in FM performance?

The FM performance MUST be as decent as that of Tecsun R912/R9710 or Sony ICF-S10MK2.

My another concern on DR920 is that its SW band range might be narrower than that of Tecsun

Andy Lee

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