Degen DE312 (not DSP) Not Recommended

CM Lee

I bought a DE312 in order to keep it for emergency use in my house.
Though inferior AGC to that of Tecsun and Sony, SW/MW performance is decent for that use. However, its FM performance turns out to be terrible - distortions and volume fading.

So, I am planning to buy a cheap but decent SW radio. The candidates are Tecsun R911/R9012 and Tecsun DR920.

Can these radios be decent in FM performance? The FM performance MUST be as decent as that of Tecsun R912/R9710 or Sony ICF-S10MK2.

My another concern on DR920 is that its SW band range might be narrower than that of Tecsun R911/R9012.

Best Wishes,

Andy Lee

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