Re: Possible DXing chair

Ken Kizer

Paul Blundell writes...

Yes that is what it is looking like I might have to do, before I did that I
wanted to see if some other types / styles existed to get some ideas and
see what sort of price I would be looking at.
Or an old school desk. Casters optional.



On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 12:49 PM, Andy Gardner <ceo@...> wrote:


Tem minutes with a normal office chair, some square section profile steel,
some chipboard and a welder should sort that out.

On 30/10/2013, at 2:47 PM, Paul wrote:

Hi all,
I spotted this the other week online which I think would make a great
chair for DXing at home, the problem is I can't find anybody in Australian
who sells them. For those of you in the US, have you ever seen anything
like this?


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