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Guy Atkins

Don't forget the similar, but larger E10 model, which is a hot performer also. It's size perhaps takes it out of UL status, yet it has a lot of good things going for it.  The radio has TWO bandwidths, including a very effective narrow filter (actually there are two narrow filters to choose from in addition to is 455 kHz IF, so it's a candidate for a mods). Factory refurbs of the E10 are selling for $29.99 at Fry's stores (I don't know if they are available on the Fry's Web site for that price).
73, Guy

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Hello Guys,
     This was very surprising news, but it now seems a reality.  The E100 was the best digital Ultralight I've ever tested for selectivity, and its sensitivity (after full alignment, which always improves the low band greatly on those models with a movable loopstick coil) is superior to any other Ultralight on the high band, and just a shade lower than the SRF-T615 on the low band.
     If you have interest in this model, it's recommended that you act quickly to nail one down, even at the price of $80 to $100.  They are fully worth it, and the Ultralight enthusiasts may not see another such full-featured pocket radio for a long time to come.
     It's a shame they are being discontinued, as I personally had plans to hot-rod this model with super loopsticks, as an ideal digital DX platform.  It also has a 455 kHz IF, which makes it suitable for conventional IF filter selectivity modifications.  Along with the highly competitive SRF-T615, its value as an Ultralight DXpedition portable is unsurpassed.  So if you would like one of these exceptional units, it's time to search around.
                                                                    73,  Gary 


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