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The CC Pocket is indeed a clone of both the Sangean DT400W (with WX) and DT200X (without WX). I haven't seen much discussion of the DT200X but I would recommend it if you don't wabt the WX band.

The major difference is the CC pocket has the five memory buttons for 55 memories and a wide/narrow MW filter.
The older models have only the up/down buttons for 19 memories and no filter switch. I own the DT200X and find it to be excellent on MW and indeed I logged WWL from here in Massachusetts. The major drawback to all these models is there is no built-in FM antenna. You must insert an antenna wire or use the earphones as the FM antenna.

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The CC Pocket Radio seems to be more a clone of the Sangean DT400W than the Tecsun PL210.  My Sangean bit the dust and I replaced it with a Degen DE1105 which does not have  NOAA,  tunes to 1KHz on the MW band.also has SW.  Much more satisfied.  The Sangean did receive well but did not have the memory buttons of the CC Pocket otherwise appearance and specs and the LCD display are the same.  The Sangean was Yellow not grey and rubberized as the CC Pocket.

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I received a CC Pocket Radio for a birthday gift on Saturday and well.. I'm presently surprised. I won't go into details on specs as that's been covered elsewhere - rather, more on performance in the AM space - I don't use FM.
I live in Western New York State, close to Rochester - This is all barefoot - stock everything - no external antenna.  Over the course of 26 hour timespan I logged 101 AM stations. This consisted of a few hours of logging Sat eve,  then a few hours Sunday during afternoon daylight, and a third session of 4 hours Sunday evening.
Furthest heard is AM 870 WWL in New Orleans. I Also heard the time ticks from Radio Reloj on a few frequencies - Not unheard of for good radios in my location. - Comparable to my Tecsun PL 310.

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