My First Impressions on CC Pocket AM/FM Weather Radio



I received a CC Pocket Radio for a birthday gift on Saturday and well.. I'm presently surprised. I won't go into details on specs as that's been covered elsewhere - rather, more on performance in the AM space - I don't use FM.


I live in Western New York State, close to Rochester - This is all barefoot - stock everything - no external antenna.  Over the course of 26 hour timespan I logged 101 AM stations. This consisted of a few hours of logging Sat eve,  then a few hours Sunday during afternoon daylight, and a third session of 4 hours Sunday evening.


Furthest heard is AM 870 WWL in New Orleans. I Also heard the time ticks from Radio Reloj on a few frequencies - Not unheard of for good radios in my location. - Comparable to my Tecsun PL 310.




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