Tecsun PL-310ET first looks and first ever MW DX log

Vincenzo Sallustio

Well, after the fiasco of the PL-310ET adventure, and finally receiving one thru Amazon, here is the first operations results. Please note that while I have been DXing a couple years, this is the first time I have logged. I spend about 1 hour on any given night whenever I can( and yes, on the bed LOL).

First off, sensitivity is amazing for a little guy like this. Selectivity is pretty good. I do often catch 2 signals on one freq and it can't seem to pick one out. But that is more the exception. The bandwidth DSP is amazing. I did not know how the hell to use this with my previous radios being analog and old transistor. I usually leave it at 2 KHz which, which seems to leave me some fidelity. 1 KHz is great in case I really have to listen in.

Soft mute may be causing a problem, but I do not know what the hell is it, so I do not know if it is yet. Maybe someone can explain it. I cannot tell you if it is turned off in 1 KHz or not.

Here is the log. I am located in Swedesboro, NJ, about 30 miles south of Philadelphia, right where the NJ/Delaware borders meet.

7:32pm 580 KHz WHP Harrisburg, PA 5 kW
7:53pm 700 WLW Cincinnati, OH 50 kW
8:09pm 780 WBBM Chicago, IL 50 kW

7:55pm 930 WBEN Niagara Falls, NY 5 kW
8:25pm 960 WHYL Carlisle, PA 22 W at night !!!!!!!

7:15pm 1100 WTAM Cleveland, OH 50 KW
7:30pm 1120 WKAJ St. Johnsville, NY 400 W at night !!!!!!
7:35pm 1140 WRVA Richmond, VA 50kW
7:45pm 1170 WWVA Wheeling, WV 50kW

As you can see, most are on the east and most are the big gin 50 kW. But, got all excited at the 22 W and 400 W little guys! They were not that far away, but at that power, I seemed to get most satisfaction out of it.

Have not done the top of the dial, yet. Last night was especially good propagation until my wife and daughter got home, at which point a mailed it in for the night. One thing I may try next summer is baseball DX and try to pick up as many games as possible on their local station.


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