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Paul Blundell

Thanks for the excellent reply Phil. I was not for one second saying that what we have here on this group and on the various other websites was not amazing, I have found so many excellent resources.

I have been / am a member of a number of Yahoo groups, forums, Facebook groups and mailing lists both professionally and also for my own personal interests. I have found that a number of these have a Facebook page which is used for less formal / more social interactions. A Facebook page can also be used to link back to the main group page and also as a backup in case anything was ever to happen to the Yahoo group (I have had to deal with this in the past, having a secondary contact method was very helpful)

Just my thoughts :)


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From what I've seen of the posting in the group and the info one can get from loggings etc. there's a lot covered here and on individual websites. I'm involved in several groups on FB... It depends what the subject is. Ultralight radio and DXing is not a big hobby per se. I'd think we're doing great here. Despite Yahoo's changing the look and feel.

FB is changing personal rights again, opening it up more and more. Ive been doing much less on FB these days. I just "listen in" mostly, I post very litttle. The groups I  do belong to are somewhat chatty... again depending on the subject. Some are local groups others are on a more national scale. But I don't see what going on FB would do for us.... I don't see people discovering the hobby because we're there.... Radio listening is a very small percentage of hobbies. Smaller than ARRL and Hams and their activities. FB will give you a place for pics, vids, texting.. same as here....

Twitter....I can't say..... I don't use it.
YouTube is a video gold mine for everything....

Doesn't matter what resource (FB, YouTube, Twitter) they're all mining your data in some form...

I do make use of audio podcasts and wondered if that would be of use....

I listen to a model railroad podcast ( that is very successful..... They get together on Skype and have conversations. The key element is the host. He manages the conversations, leads the talker on to discuss all types of topics. There are usual folks that are always on....but newcomers are always about. The thing that amazes me is the listenership.. Its worldwide! Its grown from the US to Europe to Australia and NZ. Of course different times are needed to accommodate the various time zones. I think the listenership is upwards of 5000 people now. That's only a small percentage of a very big hobby worldwide. Of course there are limits to how many can be on Skype at any one time but the show accommodates 10-15 listeners usually. No video... It can't be done with the usual throughput of the net as it is and still have 10-15 listeners logged in. The podcasts have been growing up to 5 hour duration periods now... Takes days to listen to it all while I'm driving...What is overwhelming is they use FB (1000 members), a webpage, with a running discussion forum too, and of course Skype.

But it takes a dedicated announcer and post editor for the audio. That's a lot of work. From podcasts that I've listened to, ... one way discussions don't last long.... they're boring. But two way discussions can be very interesting... literally conversations from all over the world brought into one room. It doesn't have to be reviews of products, that's easy reading on many websites. But discussing techniques, locations, technical problems, antennas, reception. If pics or vids are needed they can be linked to YouTube or a website. Ideas can be traded from many perspectives.
I was listening to a programming lecture from Cornell Univ. last night. It was more than several years old. Although the whole course was lecture and lab, the lectures were recorded and on YouTube. Most college level course these days are online..  Very little in the way of books. Maybe pieces(chapters) of books that are downloaded. Lectures outlines. notes references, labs, instructions and even discussions are done online. Facebook was the popular communication tool, Twitter was out. Way too many posts to overwhelm the phone contracts of the time. And the prof warned that if he posted something to FB you better read it within 24 hours! That's how quick information came out and was relevant.

In contrast I watched a YouTube vid on the Arduino microcomputer and it was done well. Even though one way, it covered material clearly.

So to me YouTube is of more value for information than one way conversations. Skype is great for two way conversations, even if small. Once a month, like a club meeting, and the recordings are posted for all to listen to.

My problem I like SWL, NDB listening, Natural Radio listening, ultralights, regular SW radios and now there's those little USB SDR radios that are coming up everywhere. Even in areas of Radio Astronomy, Ham radio is probably playing with them too! But a USB SDR needs a computer... no longer an ultralight rig! But hold on, there's now small microcomputers the size of credit cards running Linux derivatives, Android, etc with all kinds of interfaces... USB, Ethernet, SATA for HDs, serial ports, video, (HDMI, DVI, VGA) I/O, camera input. (e.g Beagle Board, UDOO, RasberryPi, CubieBoard etc)

So imagine a small micro and USB stick running on a 9V battery, with a small display (touch screen if you want).....a fitting in a small tin box (OK maybe two Altoid tins)  That can tune from the AM Band all the way up to 2 GHz! (antennas not included!) Can two Altoid tins qualify as an Ultralight???

So much stuff.. so little time....
Best Regards
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Hi all,

Has anybody considered the use of social media (such as Facebook, Twitter) to promote our hobby? These days more and more people are using these technologies and from some quick searching I have done I have noticed that our hobby does not have any presence on these.



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