SW portable receivers good for emergency use?

CM Lee

I'm planning to order a SW portable set kept for emergency use (among ordinary receivers) OTHER THAN receivers with dynamos; I will also several sets of fresh dry batteries.

I have several SW receivers, so I won't use the new set for DXing.

My concerns are:
- Performance
- Durability / Reliability
- Battery running time
- SW bands are wide enough.

Candidates are Tecsun R9702, R911, and DR920.
I think the DR920 will be better since the set has a digital readout and a back-lit light. The concern is that the DR920's battery running time will be as long as that of the R911/R9702 and I doubt that SW bands might be narrower.

I want to know its defacto SW band coverage rather than "specification-stated" SW band coverage.

Andy Lee

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