Re: Degen DE19 anyone?


 I had one for two weeks with intentions of giving it to a buddy, which I did.  I found it easier to tune than my Kaito KA321, but with less sensitivity - note that the specs for it show it to be less sensitive.  I bought a Degen DE208 which is not DSP for 19.99 on Amazon and like it better than the Kaito/Degen DE321 also.  I use it to fall asleep with since it has a sleep function and a not harsh red led to light the digital display of this analog single conversion radio.  I would buy the Degen DE208 again.

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Anyone (besides me) have this interesting little radio that certainly qualifies as an ultralight?  It's available on that well-known auction site.  I've had mine for several months now and although I have not tried to do any AM DX on it, for an all-around small radio it's not bad...

It has FM/MW/SW, DSP along with the annoying mute between frequencies while tuning, 9/10 kHz step for AM, 5 kHz step for SW (2.3MHz-23MHz), FM .1MHz step.  It does pretty well on all FM and SW for such a short antenna (about 13" stock but I managed to fit 21" in it from a larger whip with a little work that gives significantly better SW reception).  AM is OK but being so small it's not going to be a DX machine.

It has a USB rechargeable Lithium battery with good life, fairly intuitive controls similar to many other radios (which is a good thing since the manual is in Chinese), auto tuning ATS like Tecsun's, DSP (but no bandwidth control), backlit display and a nice small size and thin. 

On strong SW stations I do notice some what appears to be background/spurious AM BCB but not all that objectionable.  For about $35 shipped it's proven to be a nice addition to the herd and gets a lot of use because it's so small, versatile and lightweight...


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