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I'm pretty sure Degen and Tecsun are one and the same. Maybe they use different factories for different products?


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I disassembled one of the two Degen DE321 in my own and I found out that the tuning is done by a ordinary (cheap) carbon variable resistor! (see the attached photo) I doubt how durable the component might be.

Also, Degen might be weaker quality control than Tecsun or Sony. My first DE321 tuning pointer indicates at around 675kHz when receiving 711kHz HLKA (KBS Radio 1 Seoul), while the second one's indicates at around 800kHz when receiving the same broadcast. In addition, the sound from the built-in speaker is slightly different. The speaker sound from the second one is slightly richer.

I heard that QC problems sometimes occur at DE1103, etc. Degen produces radios that are inexpensive, still cheerful in performance like Tesun does, but Degen should make more efforts on QC.


Andy Lee from Seoul

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