Re: C.Crane SWP Ultralight Radio

Gary Kinsman

Hi Gary,

Universal Radio also sells the SWP for $44.95, with $5.95 shipping.

Several of the reviews on Amazon complain about the coarse volume
steps at the low end. Are your new units any better in this regard
than the original one you purchased? I really prefer an analog
volume control -- like that on the E100 and DT-200VX -- since it
avoids this problem.

I'm interested to hear how the current SWP stacks up against the
other high-performance ultralights.


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Hi Gary,

Thanks for the information, and the link for purchasing the
SWP unit from Amazon.

Although I had no way of knowing it at the time, my C.Crane
SWP unit for the January 2008 Shootout was defective, and my
performance evaluation for the model reflected this mediocre
operation. The recent C.Crane SWP models typically have much
better sensitivity than my defective review model, which
was one of the earliest production units from December 2007.

Rather than go back to the January 2008 Shootout and amend
the file (which would probably not draw too much attention to
this recent discovery), I plan to include the C.Crane SWP as
a "new model" in the January 2009 Ultralight Radio Shootout,
where it will be up against the latest models from Far East. As
usual in the Shootout files, its performance will also be
evaluated against all the top Ultralight radio models, such as
the DT-400W, E100, SRF-T615, etc. Hopefully this will give
every interested hobbyist the chance to judge its true, corrected
DX potential in a fair way.

73 and Thanks,

Gary DeBock

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