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I agree and repeat my comments.

I feel that to some extent each individual determines what is Dx'ing for themselves.  I use a Degen DE1105 that replaced my Sangean DT400W.  It is dual conversion, not DSP, has virtually no background noise, that I associate with DSP, and fits easily in my shirt pocket.  From North of Detroit, Mi. I can receive Richmond,VA; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; numerous New York stations, Atlanta, GA; Des Moines, IA; Chicago stations; Nashville, TN; Louisville,KY; Toronto,ON; just to name a few.  If I go north three hours from Detroit, I do better and with less interference.  These are all at night or in the morning before 7:00am.  During the day the locals overpower most of these.  I still get low power locals in the 60 to 100 mile range during the day.  I enjoy listening, so I guess that is what matters.  I have other radios, but they are to big to be ultralights.  --Degen DE1103, Sangean ATS 818, Sangean ATS 606A, Kaito KA 1101, etc.

Have a great time.

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Congratulations on your first DX'ing experience!  I think you will have many pleasurable hours exploring what is available on the radio outside of your immediate area. Do not give up if somebody trivializes your accomplishment.  There are some "bad apples" in the hobby that get stuck in the "my DX is farther than your DX" or "my radio is better than your radio".  Do not listen to them, they are small minding people who no doubt engaged in "mine is bigger than yours" discussions in school junior high locker rooms".

I, for one, am grateful that there is no governing body making rules about what is "proper DX" and what is not.  Rules and regulations would drive people just discovering the hobby right out of it when some "older more experienced" DX'ers slam them down and tell they they aren't doing it right 

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<<<   But Gary's wife shoots the videos of him on the cliff, which means something precious still lingers...   >>>
Thanks for your "vote," Tony!
Yes, I'm pretty lucky that my wife has accepted my DXing fanaticism over the years. She knew what she was getting into, however-- at our wedding in Hong Kong (1990), her friend VR2XDM was my best man :-)
OK, Rob-- we seem to have split the Kiwi vote!! Andy G. votes for you as more Weird, but Tony W. votes for me. The "election" is rigged against you, though... Theo D. and Tony K. both know how fanatical I can be in chasing Kiwis on the Cliffs... and they haven't checked in yet!! :-)
73, Gary

Well Gary...if the Election is Rigged, it still sounds a lot better than what's going on down there right now with all the Turmoil and Tribulations trying to get the 2 Parties to play nice together!! Thank God you don't have 3 Parties like would be Bedlam.

If you can win the Rigged Election..sounds like a Good Election to me!! It ain't whether it's Rigged or's whether you win!!

Salute..ROB VA3SW

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