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I feel that to some extent each individual determines what is Dx'ing for themselves.  I use a Degen DE1105 that replaced my Sangean DT400W.  It is dual conversion, not DSP, has virtually no background noise, that I associate with DSP, and fits easily in my shirt pocket.  From North of Detroit, Mi. I can receive Richmond,VA; Philadelphia, PA; Boston, MA; numerous New York stations, Atlanta, GA; Des Moines, IA; Chicago stations; Nashville, TN; Louisville,KY; Toronto,ON; just to name a few.  If I go north three hours from Detroit, I do better and with less interference.  These are all at night or in the morning before 7:00am.  During the day the locals overpower most of these.  I still get low power locals in the 60 to 100 mile range during the day.  I enjoy listening, so I guess that is what matters.  I have other radios, but they are to big to be ultralights.  --Degen DE1103, Sangean ATS 818, Sangean ATS 606A, Kaito KA 1101, etc.

Have a great time.

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Subject: [ultralightdx] Proper DXing

I started logging for the first time. I am in Southern NJ right near the Delaware border. I picked up a Harrisburg 5kW station (91 miles), a Cincinnati station (50 kW), and a Chicago station (50 kW) on my new Tecsun PL-310ET.

Is there a proper distance vs power that is considered DX? Is 91 miles too close? Is 50 kW cheating?

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