Degen DE321 vs Tecsun R9710 - simply compared

CM Lee

The parcels of the two radios from Hong Kong arrived at home today. I will compare the two radios.

1. Degen DE321
- extremely thin
- decent for casual SW listening
- excellent FM reception (even than Sony radios!): very sensitive and also good for areas of strong & busy signals such as southwestern Seoul.
- good selectivity thanks to DSP
- As for a dial-tuning radio, SW bandwidths are wide enough to cover most SW broadcasts (on 49, 31, 19 metre bands)
- Compared to R9710, it is less susceptible to indoor noise (SW reception).

- DSP muting (though less annoying to me than I did expect)
- "mediocre" MW reception performance (but slightly better than Panasonic RF-P50)
- MW dial point does not fit to the dial numbers! (HLKA 711kHz points around 600kHz)
- 75 metre band is missing

Cons mentioned in various reviews, but that I do not somewhat agree with
- a bit stiff dial?
- a stiff stand?

2. Tecsun R9710
- Analogue dual conversion circuitry
- much less drifting in SW tuning than Sony ICF-SW11 and Sony but "slightly" less stable than PLL dual conversion radios or the Sony ICF-SW22.

- More sprious signals than DE321 in SW/FM reception
- thicker than DE321 in size
- As for a dial-tuning radio, SW bandwidths are narrower than those of DE321 (on 49, 31, 19 metre bands)
- 75 metre band is missing
- more hiss noise when listening via headphones
- The Tune LED (bright green colour) indicator exceedingly points on: it turns on unnecessarily even on strong noises!
- Compared to DE321, it is more susceptible to indoor noise (SW reception).
- less popularity? (so less sellers who deal with this model)

For SW newbies: both are decent.
For MW DXing: You must go on R9710.
For FM radio lovers: DE321 is better.
For serious SW DXing: go on Tecsun PL-660/PL-600/PL-380, Sony ICF-SW7600GR

Tecsun R9710 is a replacement for Tecsun R912, since the R912's AM/FM mode button is out of order.

Andy Lee in Seoul

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