Oklahoma TP DX 10/1/13


A better morning for hearing TP signals here (LSR at 1226).

567 JOIK, Sapporo J, poor JJ talk at 1211-1213.
594 JOAK, Tokyo J, poor // JOIK at 1214-1216. Reception blocked here by local RFI.
747 JOIB, Sapporo J, fading in and out at 1034-1211, occasionally at fair strength in WSB 750 QRM.
774 JOUB, Akita J, heard fading in and out at 1014-1205. EE lesson ending at 1029 with "good-bye". Audible at fair strength on barefoot PL-310 at 1149-1152.
This is the most frequently heard transoceanic station here.
972 HLCA(?), strong het, no audio, at 1219-1225, QRM from KCFO 970.
1053 ROK Jammer, fair signal at 1225.

Receiver: PL-310 with Quantum QX Loop.

Good DX.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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