[[Possible Spam]] Oklahoma TP DX 9/29/13


A better morning here for hearing TP signals. (LSR at 1224).

693 JOAB, Tokyo, barely audible at 1153 and 1215. Poor at 1224-1225.
747 JOIB, Sapporo, barely audible at 1040-1044.
774 JOUB, Akita, heard from 1031 fading in and out, ocasionally peaking at fair and audible on barefoot PL-310, finally fading out at 1229.
828 JOBB, Osaka, het at 1208. Barely audible to poor man speaking at 1222-1224.
1053 ROK Jammer, poor signal at 1203.

Receiver: PL-310 with 7.5-inch ferrite loop.

Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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