Re: China AirMail and R-9710

CM Lee

I asked the seller to send the R9710 via EMS rather than ordinary airmail, as the post authorities said security check of EMS might be less tight. I live in South Korea (not the US) and I already have a brother model, R912 whose AM/FM mode button is now stiff (that is why I ordered the R9710, which does not have any AM/FM mode button). I hope I will be able to receive both the R9710 and the DE321 at home.

Andy Lee in Seoul

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I was wondering about the batteries, too. but I see the OP is for an R-9710. This radio doesn't use rechargables, and none are supplied. If the OP still has delays/rejections, there is the duplicate radio, the Kaito WRX-911. This set also tunes AM 520 to 1700 with 9-SW bands. I see at least one US seller on ebay, maybe there's a price-break, as its shipped USA free. Just a thought.

Paul S. in CT

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