Re: Get yourself an SRF-59 (or a spare) for $9.99!!!

Dennis Gibson <wb6tnb@...>

Very interesting. This radio has been out for quite some time. Some
refurbs are units there's nothing wrong with; the customer didn't like
it but it can't be sold as new. Other refurbs were returned because
there was a problem. Refurbs are supposedly brought up to factory spec.

Richard Berler wrote:

There is a store in downtown Laredo, TX selling refurbished
small sample suggests that the refurbished units are not brought up to
intended specs...i tried a nearly deaf unit in the store, and took
another unit. It is of average sensitivity (clearly could still
benefit from an alignment), and has a scratchy sounding tuning
thumbwheel. I'm guessing that the "refurbished" 59's are not getting a
thorough check out.

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