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CM Lee

Thank you for answer.

Then, If my ordinary FM radio, for instance, suffers from unwanted ("trash") signals mixing with the wanted FM signal (usually a weaker broadcast signal) in an area of strong signals, where such unwanted signals are more likely to overload, the radio has a bad ability of 'nulling'?

In than sense, the ICF-SW22 can be better at FM nulling than the ICF-SW11; the ICF-8 can be slightly better at FM nulling than the ICF-S10MK2.


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Hi Andy,
The term "nulling ability" means the ability of a portable radio's loopstick antenna to cancel out the signal of a troublesome, unwanted MW station when the loopstick is directly pointing at the station. Some Ultralight radios (like the Sony SRF-T615) has extremely good nulling ability, so that DXers can search for weak stations when the rod antenna cancels out (or "nulls") the signal of the unwanted station.
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)
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When I read through a lot of receiver reviews on the Internet, I come across the unfamiliar (personally) term "nulling ability". I'd like to know what the term actually means. I roughly understand(?) it as "an ability to overcome background noises", but I am not sure.

Andy Lee

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