E100 may be On The Way OUT!

John H. Bryant <bjohnorcas@...>

Like Gary,

I can't decide just which radio I'd take with me on a DXpedition if I could only take one.... I love my T615.... However, as an all-around radio that I use to DX and to set on my desk to listen to.... and prop by the bed at times, the E100 wins hands down. I love that radio.

After Dennis mentioned having trouble finding one locally in Washington, I wondered once again at the great deal that Gary and Robb got on those two units that they bought ($27!) Now why would a good company be selling a $100 radio for $27? I went on line to buy mine about 6 weeks ago and didn't find that $27.00 deal, but I saw several outlets had them for $39.00. I got one of those... still, a great deal for a $100 radio. With Dennis looking for one and me about to recommend an E100 (has SW, too) to friend Kirk Allen, I decided to look on line. A lot of things have changed in 6 weeks since I last looked. I could Google only one $39.00 deal and that was at Overstock.com.... when I went there, it was marked "temporarily out of stock." Yeah, right. There were very few places left that had E100 at any price.... and showed them in stock. There were a couple of places, ebay stores and Amazon stores that seemed to have them at about $65 to $75. I did notice that two were being auctioned on ebay... one had a "Buy It Now" button for $49.95 for a NIB unit. I bought it.... I really wanted one totally stock unit and, as I say, I love this radio.

Anyway, I went to the Eton corporate site and they showed the E100 in their gallery of Past Models!!! They show a $60 E1100 now in the Line that looks exactly like the E100, with the numerical entry pad removed and few to no memories, apparently. It did show four outlets where you could buy the E100... J&R, Universal SW, National Geographic and some sports/outdoor store. I went to two of them and they were "Temporarily Out of Stock." Universal seemed to still have them for $100, but I wonder.

So, if you want to join the ranks of the E100 owners, it looks like you better get busy

John B.
Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA
Rcvrs: WiNRADiO 313e, Eton e1, NRD-535(kiwa-mods)
Antennas: 700' NE/SW mini-Bev, Wellbrook Phased Array (pre-production version)

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