Partial success!

Joseph Fan

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your kind and very clear follow up. Plan A failed but reception has really improved

To summarize for others who are considering an antenna mod to the Sony:

- Getting to TP7 was difficult as everything is so small. The SRF-S86 added a relatively inflexible copper RF shield/ plate above ICI, which would be difficult to disassemble and reassemble. This RF shield was not included in earlier iterations.

- I tried a few proxies for TP7, including leg [8] of IC2, but the difference was barely noticeable.

- No question there was some body capacitance issues. And that copper shield was flapping around interfering with results. As I am in the center of a very large city some reception issues surely are related to all the electrical interference in the air and multi-path challenges presented by lots of tall buildings. And other things I don't understand.

- So I threw in the towel with the external FM antenna mod for the SRF-S86. But I might pick up a SRF-59 which seems to be a bit easier to mod due principally to size.

*** However, whilst fiddling around with this mod, I realized there was some grounding problem with that shield in my radio. I put a piece of plastic between the shield and board, closed the case. Reception improved significantly, background static decreased, stereo separation increased.

- FYI - my 2m long headphone cable does improve reception markedly over reception with the stock earphones.

- FYI, the schematics outlined in the SRF-S80 service manual are somewhat different from what was inside my SRF-S86. Still a helpful PDF.

Thanks again!

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