Cape Perpetua (Oregon Cliff) DXpedition-- UnID's and Mysteries

Gary DeBock

Hello All,
The latest wild ocean cliff DXpedition was conducted from August 16-19 on Cape Perpetua, Oregon, at a Highway 101 turnoff spot about 220 feet above the Pacific. As usual, the ocean cliff provided freakish South Pacific propagation boosts every day, causing unusual snarls and mixes on several frequencies. Posted below are MP3 links for several unidentified or mystery stations recorded during the DXpedition. Any advice, suggestions or comments would be greatly appreciated, especially from those DXers in the South Pacific area.
For those interested, a new DXpedition video showing the 12" FSL antenna (including a detailed description), new 7.5" loopstick Tecsun PL-380 Ultralight radio and the Cape Perpetua on-site scenery (including the heavy Highway 101 traffic) has been uploaded
531  UnID-Aussie   This pop music station was temporarily on top of the usually dominant 531-PI for a short time around 1335, 8-18.
                               The MP3 features an ID at 12 seconds into the recording, but it's not quite clear enough to decipher. According 
                               to Paul, most of the 531 eastern Australian stations have switched over to a talk format-- are there any pop
                               music stations left on the frequency? 
558  UnID-DU        This talk-oriented station was fairly strong for a brief period at 1332 on 8-17. Prevailing propagation at the time
                               would indicate that this was probably the 5 kW Kiwi station Radio Sport in Invercargill-- can anybody in the area
                               (or anyone else) offer opinions?
603  UnID-Aussie   DU English station mixing with 603-Waatea's Maori music at 1329 on 8-18. Seemed talk-oriented, but no chance
                               to check LR network //, maybe 4CH?
639  UnID-JJ          Obvious Japanese YL speech mixing with 2HC and RNZ at 1318z on 8-19. Three Japanese 5 kW stations are
                               listed on the frequency, but all with different formats. Commercial station JOWN in Hokkaido would be the 
                               closest of the three, but no real ID clues
666  UnID-DU         I'm fairly sure that this is the 5 kW Aussie 2CN in Canberra. The speech sounds DU English (not French,
                               would indicate Noumea), and the last few seconds of the MP3 record a switch to 738, where the same song is
                               being played (presumably by LR network // 2NR, in Grafton). The tricky aspect is that 666-Noumea also has a
                               parallel on 738 (Radio Polynesie), but the French speech on 738 sounds distinct from the song that is parallel 
                               to the song on 666
738  UnID-DU        DU English station playing commercial advertisements, mixing with another DU English station and Radio
                               Polynesie (French). Commercial ads would seem very odd for the ABC LR network station 2NR, so this would
                               almost certainly seem to be the 5 kW Kiwi station, Radio Live. Any comments?
891  UnID-DU        Graveyard-like mix with Aussie 5AN during wild propagation on 8-19. Some island-type music along with
                               another apparent DU English station. Any ideas?
Thanks for any and all assistance!
73, Gary DeBock
(in Puyallup, WA, USA)
7.5" loopstick PL-380 + 12" FSL antenna

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