Re: Tecsun 380 - Longwave stopped working

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

This sounds like a not uncommon problem with modern keypads
and micro-switches : contact corrosion or wear.

I have disassembled keypads and microswitches and gently cleaned the
carbon-coated and PCB areas with contact-cleaner and sometimes stroked
the contact areas with a very soft lead pencil. It usually works - but not
for a day longer than ever...

WD-40 is not indicated, it will loosen up mechanical sludge, but
more likely do the opposite to contact areas - it is o i l -based !
Where WD40 has been applied, a re-do with switch-cleaner
or other alcohol-based cleaner might be indicated - but only for
the brave or initiated. (Don't waste best Scottish beverage
on the attempt - you might need it for yourself...)

Michael UK

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On 23/08/2013, at 11:51 AM, <aaron@...> wrote:

My Tecsun 380 has always suffered from having "hard to push" buttons.

After a year of light use long wave stopped working. I can get into MW by pressing the MW/LW
button, but if I press it too long I get into the scan mode.

I cannot get into LW with the button. Nor am I able to directly enter the frequency. For instance,
if I enter 153 <enter> it puts me on 1530 khz.

I tried applying WD-40 to the radio to see if it would clean up the button contact. What else
should I do?

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