Re: Thanks to Gary DeBock for sharing his Cape Perpetua Ultralight Dxing experiences

Gary DeBock

Hello Allen,
Thanks very much for your comments on the recent cliff-side DXpeditions.
It would be great if I could track down exotic DX from my living room on an oceanfront estate in a prime DXing location... but I'm not quite so lucky! :-) 
Instead I need to design and build fanatical antennas, go up to some wacky ocean side cliffs and track down weak Kiwis and Aussies-- hopefully before the gale force winds send my gear into the Drink. Some guys have all the luck...
Actually, Allen, I feel very proud to be the #2 Transoceanic DXer in the Ultralight Radio Community, and your fantastic TA-DXing accomplishments have always been a great inspiration to me. Keep up the great work-- and if you ever decide to have a joint DXpedition, I'll save a spot on the sheer cliff for you! :-)
73, Gary DeBock (in Puyallup, WA, USA)

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Hello To All

I took a few moments and gave another listen to all the great MP3's from Gary DeBock's Cape Perpetua Ultralight DXing experience on the Oregon coast.

Amazing receptions from those distances Gary.

Your DX equipment sure does a job from up on that great Dxing location. Fellow Dxers marvel at your dedication, determination and persistence in trying to capture those exotic DU signals.

From the east coast of North America , this Ultralight TA Dxer really appreciates your time and efforts in sharing your experiences, results, reports and recordings with all of us.

Thanks Gary and Good DX

Allen Willie

Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

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