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Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

With increasing awareness of the potential effect of solar or inimical EMP
or cyber-mischief on global digital networks, it might be indicated
to keep AM and AM receivers in active or resurecctionable status.
The frequent drop-outs on my rural "not-so-broadband" webradio
connection make me mindful of our vulnerability.

Were that day to dawn, not only "youngsters" would be knocking
on our door. At least some AM transmitters and numerious old-style
AM radios might survive for a skeleton public service.

- 380/37 aficionado
- homebrew tube rx in spe, hopefully squashed enought to be uldx-compatible

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Subject: "Is There Hope For A Digital AM Band?"

...I'm not sure the youngsters of today know what a radio receiver is.
They already carry around a smartphone or device capable of receiving thousands of radio stations.
Why do they want to bother with tuning a digital radio receiver to hear the same thing?

Richard Allen,

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