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Hi Gordon,

Many years ago 20 plus maybe 30 there was an article in ?Shortwave magazine/Practical Wireless? doing that exact thing.  I may have a photocopy in my archives somewhere.  From memory it was quite surprising that only about foot or two of separation of the aerials sufficed.

It is not difficult to do with a couple of old cheap radios.  You might get away with non identical ones to try the idea.  It is something that has been on my very long todo list..  These days very little get crossed off but more keeps getting added.


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It has occurred to me that if one could share the same local oscillator between two otherwise identical radios, fed with antennas sufficiently out of phase, that one would then have a matched set of radios that would be optimized for binaural listening to sort out stations.

Has anyone on list tried this? I found a site on Beverage antenna design where the author had modified two Drake receivers to share the same local oscillator, thus locking the signals together.

Seems that a pair of SRF-59 or DE321s could be used as an inexpensive test platform for this idea. If it worked, I could envision a bank of 3-4 receivers, all run from the same LO, running different antennas into a four-channel headphone, or feeding into Audacity or similar, with analysis happening in well more than real time.


Gordon Cooper
Bremerton WA

(who listened to the magnificent 2+ hour long rare Kitsap Peninsula lightning storm two nights ago on his PL660 tuned to 300 KHz at very low volume, while measuring out the distance to the strikes manually.)

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