Re: Ultralight Radio Logs Aug 9 - 10

Michael <michael.setaazul@...>

Allen, I don't figure why my SRF M37W isn't
as supercharged as yours. Well, maybe I do
really. On a quiet night I get a few swishy signals
from the Americas, most regularly on 1010kHz,
but loads swamping in from the East.
I blame 10/9kHz spacing. So I duplicate with
my SRF-59 - ( and spot naughtily with an icf2010
and my Barlow Wadley XCR30, which qualifies as an
ultra-heavy-dx-rx - what's that minor difference between friends?
Gary : total weight less than a PL380 with your latest FSL
and Pacific Rockface+Wiremesh reflector !!! )

Interesting to note you received BBC Radio4 and Iran
on 720kHz. I get both of them, too :-) You omitted to state
which of the two you preferred for programme content...

Michael UK,

within spitting distance of the Atlantic,
but can't quite see Cape Cod. Maybe I should
rescind my membership of the Flat Earth Society...

----- Original Message ----- From: Allen -----Sent: 10 August 2013 17:51

Very good conditions last evening and early this morning on AM here in the "Hope".
A number of stations not heard in a while were audible .
. . .
Also BBC Radio 4 on 720 not often heard here , was mixing with the new catch from Iran at times.

Receiver: SRF-M37W barefoot

Allen Willie

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