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I can also tell you that, at least in some areas, the FCC seems unable to deal with complaints from broadcasters about interference from other stations. I work for a group of commercial radio stations and when one of them started receiving listener complaints about strong interference from a pirate station just out of town and adjacent on the dial we complained to the FCC...nothing happened. It happened that one of the engineers lived in close proximity to this pirate so he ended up using a 10 watt exciter to jam the pirate until they went away.

I'm not bashing the FCC...they do close down many offenders, but it seems they don't have the manpower to take care of all of least, not quickly.


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I think that today, unfortunately, that category of awards is going to be a problem. More and more stations
over the years have continued to run day facilities at night, even some who have no night authorizations.
And while some are equipment malfunctions or understandable errors, I suspect that the majority are simply
cases where the stations very well realize that the FCC won't pay any attention until another legitimate
broadcaster files a complaint. And since I'm sure that some of them are also doing the same, they'd be
unlikely to go to the FCC. The best that would happen is that the people at the stations in question talked to
each other and both stop doing it.

It's a shame, because for DX'ers there's a thrill to hearing a low powered station but we can't rely on the stated
power being actually in use.It becomes a "Maybe they were and maybe they weren't" proposition.

And that's still a darn good reception even if it were 5kw !

Russ Edmunds
15 mi NNW of Philadelphia
Grid FN20id

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With all due respect, I urge caution when using spec'd night power for records. For several years, KQAQ has been seeming to usually be far too easy and strong here in IL at nights. I think they may be running day power at night and also may have issues with their antenna pattern.

73 KAZ

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Hello To All,

After checking out my newest log this morning of KQAQ - 970 in Austin, Minnesota , my sources indicate they were 500 watts of power at that time of the early morning compared to 5000 the rest of the day.

Thus this new logging qualifies for a new record in the Ultralight Records and Firsts List

Longest Distance @ 500 watts in the Western Hemisphere (barefoot)
3082.7 kms / 1914.4 miles

It exceeds the old record held by yours truly by a mere 64.5 miles back in May of 2012 (WCLA in Claxton, Georgia at that time)

The information will be noted and indicated on the next future update of the Ultralight Records and Firsts List

Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland


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