Re: Thoughts on comments regarding the ULR record for 500 watts reception

Allen Willie

Hello To All,

As Neil and Russ have previously mentioned with my gratitude to them both for bringing it to my attention , caution is the key word in determining whether to count those catches of some stations that might be a record breaker in distamce / power level etc or not.

Neil advised me that the station I heard early morning KQAQ, has been known in the past to be suspect in it's night power listed at 500 watts at times when in reality it is likely to have been still on day power.

As they have mentioned there seems to be a lot of that going on and how do you tell from one station to the other if they are operating legitimately or not on the stated power.

With that being questionable on this new catch , I am happy just to add another new station to my list at this point .


Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

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