Re: New Record for the Ultralight Records and Firsts List

Allen Willie

Allen what time of day were you catching these LD stations? evening?
Best Regards
Lat: 40.8367633  Long: -74.1768412
   Hello Phil,
This particular catch of the Minnesota station  as well as the recent Mexican logs have been just before 5 AM local time here in Newfoundland. The recent Brazilians logged have been in the evenings after 9 PM or later .
 Lately I have been trying to catch both parts of the day for any new DX out there during the early pre-sunrise 4 - 5 AM spot as well as from after 9 PM until around 1:00 AM searching for any new Trans-Atlantic signals.
Reception conditions are definitely on the change for the better day by day here in the North Atlantic as the daylight hours grow shorter once again heading to another great fall DX season.
Good DX to you Phil
Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

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