Re: Tescum Pl-210 Alignment Instructions or Schematic Needed


Well, you COULD use both, but for most modern receivers, you -- and the receiver too -- are usually better off using a frequency counter to set items like the PLL base frequency oscillator trimmer, LO mixer insertion frequency, et al.

VERY rare are the current vintage receivers that you can "set by WWV or CHU" and things would likely work, etc.


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Frequency counter, or *generator*?

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In addition, this kind of adjustment is best accomplished with a properly attached frequency counter. In many instances, there is no better or more accurate substitute.


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I just received my new Tescum Pl-210 and I noticed that it is off frequency and also probably needs to be re-aligned. In my opinion most of the Chinese manufactured radio are mass produced and their main concern is getting them out the door and do not pay any attention to quality control. If anyone had a schematic, service manual or the alignment instruction please contact me. Any help is appreciated.

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