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keith beesley

Yeah, I'm coming to the conclusion that the digital tuning/analog dial radios are (so far) designed more for the casual listener than the hard-core radio enthusiast. 


Keith B.
Seattle WA USA

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The review answers my query re tuning increments.

So it does, indeed, appear that this receiver is not a good choice. Possibly because it is designed
for domestic listeners who would only wish to receive powerful stations, particuarly national

UK review ---------------
Paul says:
June 24, 2013 at 11:11 pm
It is not clear from your review whether you can actually tune in between 10 kHz (MW) or 5 kHz (SW)
When you tune to say 5975, will the next station tuned be 5980, or can you fine tune to say 5977,
even though the digital display may still show 5975?

Thomas says:
June 24, 2013 at 11:16 pm
Tuning increments are only in 5 kHz steps on SW. This was a limitation with the other
mechanically-tuned SiLabs DSP chip.
Fortunately, you can chage between 9kHz/10kHz on MW and there are FM bands for Japan, Russia and the
rest of the world.


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Jog wheel tunning & volume controls ...
The popular SW bands are well spread with 5kHz inclements, ...


Thanks for the update. We all, of course, now look forward to a detailed performance report!

It sounds as if tuning is either

a) 5kHz steps in the digital display, but with 1kHz fine-tuning between these display steps.
b) 5kHz "jumps" in tuning, matching 5kHz digital readout increments and no 1kHz tuning option;
the analog scales serving only as an approximating orientation aid.


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