ULR FM station #500 & more.


Yesterday during a skip I logged station #500 on an ultralight radio.

1524 UTC 92.1 MHz WLTQ-FM, Venice FL (1744 km/1084 mi) on a barefoot Tecsun PL-310ET receiceiver.

Sporadic E propagation was outstanding yesterday, lasting over ten hours. By the end of the day my station count had risen to 513. All of the new stations logged during the skip were from Florida, North Carolina and South Carolina.

The Tecsun PL-310ET, -380 and -606 are excellent receivers for FM DXing. All feature ETM (Easy Tune Mode), which I find very useful for FM DX. Also, they can be set to tune from 64 to 108 MHz. At present this permits you to listen to TV sound from the disappearing analog stations in Canada and México. Or, if you are in Europe, listen to the OIRT band stations remaining within the former Soviet Bloc countries.

If you haven't tried ULR FM DXing, now is the best time of year. It's not unusual to hear stations from over 1600 kilometers or more during a skip. My longest reception was 89.3 CISM-FM, Montreal QC, at 2232 km/1387 miles, on 5/29/13, also on the PL-310ET (no external aerial attached).

Good DX.


Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

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