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Jog wheel tunning & volume controls ...

If's not wrong, it's the first Tecsun radio to feature both analog display and LCD panels.
The popular SW bands are well spread with 5kHz inclements, 800 kHz spread for 13, 22, 25, 31, 41 &
49 mBs and 900 Khz for 16 & 19 mBs.

Tecsun has re-engineered this portable with back to basics functionalities using the latest Si48XX
DSP chip.

It may not be full feature product like the PL660 but a viable value proposition based on price
offered and features provided.

It should appeal to any casual users who prefer akin to analog slider bar requency indicator, jog
wheel tuning and mimic LCD display panel beneath a wealth of moderm receiver technology.


Thanks for the update. We all, of course, now look forward to a detailed performance report!

It sounds as if tuning is either

a) 5kHz steps in the digital display, but with 1kHz fine-tuning between these display steps.
b) 5kHz "jumps" in tuning, matching 5kHz digital readout increments and no 1kHz tuning option;
the analog scales serving only as an approximating orientation aid.


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