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Actually mis-tuning any of the Pl-series radios by 1 kHz will shut off the Soft Mute. By doing this part of the Automatic Gain Control effect is removed... therefore bump up the volume a notch or two. I would also keep the BandWidth setting at 3 kHz to minimize Carrier Wave loss. It works like a charm on my PL-310.

Paul S. in CT

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Many other Tecsun DSP radios have 1 kHz tuning. The PL-310, PL-380 and PL-390 are just a few examples. It would be nice if all of them had a "soft mute defeat" button as well.


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Thank you for pointing us to the information, Vimal.

One now wonders if sometimes, we hope that if we see new or newer receivers with the new Si or DSP chips in them, we still seem to have to settle for trade-offs.

In the Tecsun 2010D, one such tradeoff appears to be the "missing" 1 kHz tuning steps that the more expensive Tecsun PL series have for example the PL-600 and PL-660.


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This is one of the videos that are non impressive.A no for a good radio?

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Anon-co has posted a video showing FM, MW, and SW tuning on the R-2010D.
Unfortunately it does look like it tunes in fixed increments of 5 or 10/9

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