Re: recent logs and thoughts

Allen Willie


I added a new station to my log this morning.
1052 GMT 830 kHz XELN, Linares, Nuevo Leon, México (5 kW @ 1296 km/805 mi). Program was Música regional with frequent "Caliente" ID's. Mexican national at 1100 with sign-on announcement at 1102. URL station #1020 (barefoot #1007) and México #185 (5th on 830 kHz). Receiver: Sony SRF-T615.

There was no sign of usually dominant WCCO.

Good DX everyone.


Richard Allen,
near Perry OK USA.

Richard, Rob and the Group

Thanks for the cudos on the logs the other night from Brazil . It wasn't a lengthy opening but the signals were very strong from that country.

Richard..... keep logging those Mexicans . Great stuff. I hope I can catch Nicaragua on 720 sometime ... that would be another new country on the list for me .

Rob.... I seem to be logging them in bunches lately. Now with the daylight hours shifting the other way soon, it will make things interesting heading in to the fall season.

There have been a few closures of Trans-Atlantic stations during the past while. Some frequencies vacated should present new opportunities to catch some different ones for the logbook.

To All

Have a great summer and Good DX

Allen Willie
Bristol's Hope, Newfoundland

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