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Gary Kinsman

There is one review of the 20-629 on

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I do not see any reviews. Where did you find the reviews?

This is the link and it's $149.

I did look up the one you said, namely 20-629. OK, it is the same but in black and with Radio Shack's name on it for $79. But there is only one review.

What am I missing?


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I stumbled upon it yesterday, also. Its a re-boot of the old DX-402/Sangean 505 (AM/FM-ST/SW with SSB). I have seen at RS website 3 good reviews. Very new release. Catalog number is 20-629, and is under $100. I don't think its up to the level of a DE1103/E5/G5, but a nice looking and by review solid built very good set. It has been reviewed once at eham, and that set suffered FM image rejection problems, the three RS reviews indicate no such problem. Variance should be noted, but if you have a problem, bring back to the Shack, easy enough.

Paul S. in CT

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