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Not that this WOULD happen to all of them, but at least to some...

RE: Radio Shack Catalog #: 20-629 receiver

Be careful with the side-of-radio controls. Our local RS's are reporting that there's a "lot" of returns with the side controls broken, jammed, and a few that simply pushed in, rendering the controls or receiver useless.

On second and third thought, be careful with the whole receiver. Hopefully not needing kid gloves and swaddling in cotton treatment.

No scare-story intended, just a bit of common-sense be-careful.


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Look here for the Radio Shack version, which seems to come without an AC power supply, wire antenna or case.

One place has 3 reviews, but all by the same person. - FARMERIK

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I do not see any reviews. Where did you find the reviews?

This is the link and it's $149.

I did look up the one you said, namely 20-629. OK, it is the same but in black and with Radio Shack's name on it for $79. But there is only one review.

What am I missing?

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