Grundig G3


Universal Radio has one with this serial number: S/N E310005606.

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I tried two current-production G3 units when Amazon had them on sale for about $50 recently. Here are the problems I noticed:

1) Shrill sound on AM except when using sync (worse on first sample)
2) Lots of strange internally-generated tones on MW and SW, even on strong signals. This made listening very unpleasant.
3) First sample was off frequency by 1 kHz for sync and SSB (this can be adjusted)
4) Harsh and distorted sound on SSB
5) Erratic keypad operation (press one key but the radio thinks you pressed another key)

All things considered, I decided to send back both units for a refund.

There seems to be a high variation across samples and production runs with the G3. I've heard of some people getting units that work well, but that wasn't the case with the two I tried. My suggestion is that if you want one, buy it from a vendor that will refund your money if you're not happy.


--- In ultralightdx@..., keith beesley wrote:
> My take on the G3:
> Good overall mid-sized, mid-priced "all-in-one" portable. Not the best choice for MW DXing; other radios are more sensitive on MW; good enough for general listening. Wide/narrow bandwidth switch. FM and SW very good. Sync and SSB seem to work well. RDS on FM. VHF air band so-so, but a scanner is a better choice for monitoring that band, anyway. Thumbs up. 
> 73, 
> Keith B.
> Seattle USA

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