Re: Grundig G3 Globe Traveler

keith beesley

My take on the G3:

Good overall mid-sized, mid-priced "all-in-one" portable. Not the best choice for MW DXing; other radios are more sensitive on MW; good enough for general listening. Wide/narrow bandwidth switch. FM and SW very good. Sync and SSB seem to work well. RDS on FM. VHF air band so-so, but a scanner is a better choice for monitoring that band, anyway. Thumbs up. 


Keith B.
Seattle USA

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Jerry...not your only choice, but you should then include the Tecsun PL-660 in your hunt for non-red october receiver.

If you haven't done so,suggest you join and enter discussion/see past messages on the PL-660 over at:

The PL-660 Group comments are very honest, with a lot of interesting ideas and tips on its ownership and operation. Amateurs and SWL's included seem to like it "one of the best" for a variety of sensible reasons. FWIW, I own one as well.


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> I do have the Tecsun PL-380, with the 7" ferrite outboard loop.
> I mainly want another radio for monitoring th e ham bands while away from home, or sitting on the patio..
> Jerry WW0E
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> From memory....fairly sensitive, had AM sync detector, Air band was included, not REALLY impressive selectivity, seemed "easier" to overload than more modern receives from Grundig/Tecsun, decent and sometimes "enjoyable" audio qualities.
> I would NOT toss one out the door if I had one, but today 's Tecsun PL-600 and especially 660 seem "better" in most of the departments than the G3 was, save for the PL's have "almost" terribly small speakers.
> Joe
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> > Opinions on this radio, pros and cons.
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> > Thanks,
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> > Jerry WWØE

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