Re: Tube Hi-Fi directional AM antenna?

Gabriel Velez

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Wow... someone needs to look a little closer.

The actual quote is:
"...which is so sensitive on FM it usually hears more than one station / freq here in the middle of Southern New England."

That is, he hears multiple stations PER FREQUENCY. IN CONTEXT. Not a typo.
Heh heh.

Thankyou... most people don`t short cut using /f..
No, not /f, but / freq.

is far clearer... it tells me it IS A BARN DOOR front end, I have
a homebrew FM Superegen that sounds like that when I wind the wick
up.. lol..

Yes, I have an attenuator dismantled in front of me...

Enough already...send me an e-mail if you wish to
continue the flames ... I was 9 in 1949 :)
Then you should know better. Not going to personalize this via email. Nor am I trying to flame anyone. There's enough evidence to show the correct technology.

Question: what do you mean by "barn door"? That it's "wide enough" to let anything in? If you've looked at the schematic the front end is as it has always been since Armstrong invented FM. A high Q RF tuner, second Rf stage, local oscillator, IF stages.

Superregen won't separate two equidistant FM stations from being received at the same time at the same frequency. And oddly enough, your statement about "turning up the wick" reinforces what I said about using an adjustable attenuator in the line of the antenna. The reason your regen does that is because now you've increased the sensitivity.

And now we seem to have come full circle.


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