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Nevertheless... they WORK, to quickly analyze a front end like a
barn door that`s trying to de-mod a crashing signal!

Have you checked what is inside a coaxial attenuator ?
Evidently, you haven't. Yes, since I have been playing with electronics from 9 years old (41 years ago) I have broken apart my share of gadgets, including attenuators. Resistors valued at the rated impedance, from several ohms to a few hundred.

I have been an electronics engineer for 28 of those years, BTW.

Don`t scoff without testing.. not everyone has a service bay in
their basement and university pass in radio.. they have to use
what`s to hand... :) lol.

You have obviously ignored the links I provided as actual technical reference.

No, not everyone has a basement lab or university pass (degree, I presume), which is why they ought to pay attention and listen to those of us who DO. ;-)

Don't scoff without *knowing*. What's at hand does *not* use thousands to millions of ohms. That's absurd.

Here is another reference:

Nothing over 500 ohms. This is for a 50 ohm however. 75 ohm would not be much more.


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